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A holistic approach has been designed using yoga & movement, mindfulness, music, and parenting education in a supportive, nurturing environment. Family Wellness Studio provides an essential space for families to build relationships, make community connections.

Classes - Workshops - Support


Regular exercise is essential to the well-being of everyone and exercising in community builds foundationalt bonds and support for a community.

Mother and Baby

By sharing physical activity, your family can improve your health and enjoy quality time spent together.

We provide a safe space, outside of home, to spend time with family playing, singing, reading, and bolstering happy and healthy child development.


Our parent support groups offer comfort, guidance and encouragement. Led by AMFT/APCC, mother of three and studio owner, Leah Turano, who knows firsthand the crucial benefit and need of community

Family Counseling

Father and Children

I am deeply committed to promoting relationship building. My work promotes personal, interpersonal, and social practices that help people build strong, resilient relationships whether that’s within the family or a broader social support network. I value providing healing support, a space for community building, and tools for leadership.

Our Teachers


Music Instructor

Music Therapist &

 Song Writer


Spanish + Art

Bilingual - Play Based

Arts Instructor 

Drama Instructor

Award winning theatre artist teaches drama through imagination 

“My baby really enjoys the classes there. They have great instructors. Everybody is so kind and loving. This place helped me recover post-partum with their yoga and cardio classes specially designed for new moms.."

Ingrid, CA

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