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Noreen Coory

My Vinyasa flow classes focus on heart opening and alignment in a fun and creative style that allows each yogi to connect mind and body in his/her own personal way.  My classes are guided with energetic cues and assists to help each yogi find their place on the mat in a safe but effective way.  The spiritual element is portrayed through breath, movement and connection to the theme of the class.  I focus on the   I look forward to seeing you soon on your mat.

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Mariana Eggleton

Mariana Eggleton is a bilingual Art teacher with 16+ years  of experience. With a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a  big love for teaching she has worked with students all ages.

She believes that in order to learn something we need to have fun and enjoy it first. That's why all of her classes  are taught in a relax, comfortable  and friendly environment and for the little ones all classes are all PBL (play base learning).

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Sara Dee

Sara is a Clinical Music Therapist and Songwriter. She holds a degree in Music Therapy from Chapman University and has been providing music programs for early development, mental health, and special needs for over 15 years. Her career has served hundreds of families both locally and internationally. As an artist herself, she has toured throughout the U.S. and Europe to perform her two albums of original music as well as an acclaimed children’s album. 

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Angela Lerner

As a dance instructor, fitness instructor and DJ, Angela intuitively empowers by guiding and supporting individuals to connect with their body and emotions through movement and her consciously curated music mixes. Before her current role as a mama, Angela was a fitness instructor and national ambassador for Soulcycle, Lululemon, Reebok, Nike and Splits57, to name a few.  She is a DJ (@DJAngel_a) at clubs, retail stores,  and hotels, and for private events in LA, Chicago and NYC.

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Anais Diaz

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, my mission is to empower children through mindset development so that they can create a happy future for themselves. I enjoy people from all walks of life. Early in my social work career, I understood the importance of being in contact with our mind, body, and soul to live a healthy life. So, for over a decade now, I have practiced multidisciplinary techniques such as dance, mindfulness, and meditation to incorporate their advantages into my work. I am certified as a WISDOM Coach and yoga teacher for kids and teens.

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Curtis Byrd

Having picked up his first drumsticks at the age of two. He has since devoted his career to playing, teaching, and performing around the world. Byrd has made a career with his craft, traveling internationally with various Hip Hop/Blues/Pop Artists, and performed overseas supporting our troops on the USO Tour. Curtis performs regularly with the world renowned Agape International Spiritual Center House Band as a Drummer and Percussionist. Curtis has appeared in multiple national print and television campaigns for Guitar Center, and was cast as a drummer in Amazon Prime’s leading TV series, Bosch. Byrd is also the official drummer for Pound Fitness – an internationally acclaimed drum based fitness movement.

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Karly Forsythe

An El Segundo native, from Eagle’s Nest to ESHS, and still lives in town. You might often find her at Blue Butterfly getting some work done, or on a run by the beach. She received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from Vida Asana School of Yoga in Jaco, Costa Rica in July 2022, guided by the amazing Alejandra Torres. Karly has a deep love for children and playfulness and hopes that her classes are fun above anything else. Her classes are playful, but still challenging. You can expect to leave Karly’s class feeling a little lighter and a little looser.

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Kevin Neighbors

Kevin Neighbors is an award winning Playwright and Actor for his two character driven solo productions VERSATILE and #RIPJonathanXavier.

Kevin Neighbors  is also filmmaker and acting coach working on independent films as a cinematographer, actor, consultant, director, and acting coach.

Kevin is also a board member for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and Programs Manager for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. He employs his voice and experience as a mixed- Black queer man, adopted out of the foster system, to connect with, collaborate and empower artists young and older.

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Lisa Grossman

Lisa Grossman, BSN, RN, PHN, IBCLC, CLC, CLEC, AHA-certified CPR Instructor Lisa Grossman is the owner of South Bay Baby Care. She is a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and American Heart Association certified CPR Instructor. South Bay Baby Care provides specialized private prenatal education and CPR classes as well as private in-home lactation and newborn care consultations.


Sivan Boodnero

Hi My name is Sivan Boodnero and I have been an arts and crafts teacher and early educator and caregiver for the past 9 years. I am also a first time mother. It was in this most important role that I became obsessed with early brain development with my son. So I used my arts and crafts background to create specialized exercises and activities that increase brain development during periods and early stages of growth. My goal is help moms play and connect with their babies using multi-sensory experience. The class will enhance child growth and development through sensory stimulation in a fun and creative way using music and musical instruments, textured touching materials, a variety of visual activities, smell, touch, feel, and more. @kraftykidsla

Tricia McLoughlin

Tricia has been resident of the South Bay for over 30 years. She found the gift of Yoga when she moved from NY to CA in the late 80’s. Yoga was a sweet spot for her to balance a challenging career in commercial banking combined with raising a young family. After retiring in 2019, she completed a 200 hr teacher training in San Diego. “Yoga just speaks to me on so many levels…healing mind, body & soul. I am so grateful to share my life passion of yoga with our beautiful community.”

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Tucker Booth 

Tucker Booth has been teaching kids of all ages for over 20 years. He spent his formative years in Portland before moving to St. Louis when he was ten. After relocating to Los Angeles, he started working at happy baby in 2017 and became a huge piece of the studio. His passion and love of music and the community is palpable. He captivates his students of all ages. Tucker has a gift for instilling an early appreciation for music in young children, while also keeping the attention of adults, through his playful, interactive and classes that combine classic rock renditions with popular children's songs. Come join us for a class and you will certainly be back for more!

Zsuzsi Steiner

Zsuzsi Steiner is the owner and photographer of Zsuzsi Photography. She has been in business for 8 years and her favorite subjects to photograph are families and children. As a mother, she knows the importance of having quality photos of her family. She has photographed over 2000 children with her school portrait business and has helped over 400 families have professional images with authentic smiles. She is the feature family cover photographer for Culver City Neighbors Magazine and Westchester Living Magazine. Check out Zsuzsi's work at

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