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Adult Fitness Classes

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Regular exercise is essential to the well-being of everyone, parents included yet every parent can attest, a consistent exercise routine is one of the first things to go after welcoming children. With shifting priorities, diminished time to yourself, sleep deprivation and reduced energy, it is entirely normal for new parents to find themselves exercising less. That said, it can still be possible for parents to incorporate some form of exercise into their week. Not only will it help to keep you physically healthy and strong, warding off disease and injury, but it has invaluable mental health benefits which are especially important for stressed out parents. It has been proven to have a positive impact on depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It relieves stress, improves memory, results in better sleep, and boosts overall mood. While exercise will demand some of that precious time and energy, the results you achieve from it make the effort well worth it, helping you to be a happier, healthier individual and, ultimately, a better parent.

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